Wednesday, July 17, 2019

@Mets. Why can the Astros wear Apollo11 caps on field but the Mets can’t wear First Reaponders caps on 9/11?

This is a cool hat. Let’s read more about this promotion.
The special theme night will also feature a replica statue of Neil Armstrong's 1969 spacesuit from the Apollo 11 Mission - located in Center Field at the Budweiser Brew House. 
There will also be a ceremonial first pitch thrown by Apollo 11 Astronaut Neil Armstrong's son, Rick Armstrong, and a NASA Mobile Exhibit and Space Exploration Vehicle available for interaction. 
If that's not enough, you can purchase an Orbit, "Moon Landing" Bobblehead for just $35.

You can read more here.

Now let’s talk about the 9/11 first responders caps. Why can’t the Mets figure out how to wear them in 9/11? The Mets are already selling FDNY and NYPD caps in the team store?

If you can sell the hats at the team store why can’t the Mets wear them in the field? Why can the Astros get the moon landing hats done? I need answers!

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