Tuesday, July 9, 2019

How did Pete Alonso's cousin feel about being part of the MLB All-Star Game Home Run Derby

My wife had the HR Derby on last night rooting for Pete Alonso and was yelling that Pete's cousin sucks as a BP Pitcher. From the few pitches I saw, cuzzo might not have been the best choice but it worked out. I went into the living room to catch his last 5 or so HRs. Nice job out of Pete. That medallion from Daddy Yankee was crazy looking. Kind of reminded me the old WWE Spinner Belt.
From the NY Post.
For serving up the 57 gopher balls that Alonso hit into the stratosphere, Derek Morgan got a supporting role in a fantasy. And that, he insisted, easily sufficed.

“Honestly, just to be here, that’s all that matters to me,” Morgan, Alonso’s second cousin, said in a news conference as he sat next to the champion. “Everybody is talking about him dreaming, and I’m still dreaming. I’m catching myself sitting here just flashing back to just the memories I had 20 minutes ago. It’s just surreal. And all that matters is that he asked me. I’m just blessed and honored that he asked me.”

“The first round, we got the jitters out,” Morgan said. “I think we figured it out after the first timeout in that first round. But [we] just stayed positive and [kept] grinding and surviving.”
“After we finally got in that rhythm, it was money,” Alonso said. “It was money.”

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