Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Brodie Van Wagenen sits with the @the7linearmy

From the NY Post
Making good on a February promise, Van Wagenen sat with The 7 Line Army — a traveling group of Mets fans dressed in orange jerseys — in right-center field for 4 ¹/₂ innings.

“It was awesome,” said Van Wagenen, the agent-turned-general manager who was wearing one of The 7 Line Army jerseys and blue jeans. “The season hasn’t gone the way we had hoped it would go. Being out here and seeing the fans not quitting is inspiring to make sure we’re not quitting in the front office, we’re not quitting on the field and we owe every ounce of our work and energy to make these fans proud.”

When asked why he opted to sit with the group, he said: “I’m going to do what I say I’m going to do. This offseason I thought The 7 Line was a passionate fan base and I wanted to make sure we as an organization were connecting with our fans.”
“I think it takes a lot of balls to come out here,” said Darren Meenan, The 7 Line founder.
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I was shocked that BVW still went and sat with the T7LA which I am a part of. I couldn't make it last night because of work but I got to watch some of the game when I got home. I was also checking out twitter. As usual there was some hate for the7line and for fans in that section on twitter last night. Calling the section not real fans and that they only show up for a few games a year and Darren is partnered up with the Wilpons. I freely admit that Darren is one of my good friends. I know a lot of what goes on behind the scenes and he isn't partners with the Wilpons. He has a MLB License which is way different then being in bed with them. Darren has also been vocal about how this organization/team isn't good right now. BVW made a commitment that he was coming to sit with the T7LA and Darren made the commitment of saying yes to it. I even get blowback from folks who think the QBC is partnered up with the Wilpons. It isn't. We get sponsorship from SNY which basically is just like if we got it from Dick's sporting good. They don't tell us what to run or how to run our QBC. The Mets Execs panel? The Mets send them over because we ask them to and they are cool enough to do it.

One of the comments I did see on twitter is that the T7LA aren't real fans and they only show up to a few games a year. Yeah for that section but there are a lot of them that do have season tickets in other sections of the park, like myself for one. I don't get the vitriol from fans against other fans for the same team.

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