Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Beat Reporters blocking fans views and not caring at Mets game.

I get wanting to get a story, but you reporters really need to 
respect the folks paying for their seats. You get to go to the 
game with your press passes and then block folks views? Not cool. 
Wally Matthews wasn't the only one doing it either but you guys wonder
 why no one values main stream media? I am sure folks sitting in the
 T7LA section last night would have bene happy you were there if you 
showed a modicumof respect for the folks who are trying to watch the game. 
Squat down. Find an empty seat. Don't be in the way. Apologize if you are. 
It's not that hard.

 Wally Matthews spelled Darren's last name right earlier in this article.
But just the fact that Van Wagenen -- who had made an overture to Keenan to watch a game with the 7 Line back in February -- kept his word seemed enough to win over the affection of much of the group.

“It takes a lot of balls to sit out here,’’ Keenan said. “He’s a big boy and I’m sure he knew some people weren’t going to be as enthusiastic to shake his hand. He constructed the team and here we are in July and it looks on paper like the Mets are out of it. But i feel like it would have been much worse if he didn’t come out.’’
You Can Read more from the article here.

Not only did Yahoo Sports writers block fans views they don't proofread their articles. Wallace Matthews who's Darren Keenan?

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