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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Turn Ahead the Clock Jerseys

From Metspolice
The short version is that on July 27, 1999 MLB did a “Turn Ahead The Clock” night where teams wore what they would supposedly be wearing in 2021.  Uni Watch has a nice recap here and here to catch you up if all this is new to you.
Most teams went with something like an oversized logo and maybe some funky colors.  The Yankees declined to do it, saying (seemingly correctly) that they were already wearing what they would wear in 2021.
The Mets decided to take it to another level and played as The Mercury Mets against the Pirates.  Apparently your boycotts are effective, and maybe even the Sell The Team movement is working – as the Mets lore is that they will be playing on Mercury just two seasons from now.  Look what you have done.
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Here's what my collection looks like.

Cleveland Indians

Pittsburgh Pirates

Tampa Bay Devil Rays

Mercury Mets

Anaheim Angels Blue

Anaheim Angels Red

Florida Marlins

A's Cap

Twins Giveaway Cap

Boston Red Sox

Minnesota Twins

Milwaukee Brewers

SF Giants

I have the Rockies somewhere too, Just can't find it right now...

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