Sunday, July 7, 2019

@Mets had a Lamer Things, I mean Stranger Things Night.

I made this while sitting out the rain delay.

I did this on the Stranger Things Title generator.

Why can't the Mets ever do a promotion night well? You just had some graphics on the scoreboard. None of the Stranger Things music. No real promotional items. Nothing. Look at what other MLB teams are doing for their nights. Come on. You have one of the biggest comic cons in the world in this city. One of the greatest fanbases of geekdom here and what do you guys do? You blow it. The in game promotions could have had a Stranger Things tilt to them. But the sponsors of the events might not like it. You going to tell me that the sponsors wouldn't love it if the folks would pay attention to the events and who sponsored them? Imagine Dennis Holden aka @DhapShow dressed like a demigorgon chasing a kid during the Geico Challenge. The T shirt cannon? Shoot the shirt into the Apple to close the gate to the upside down. The trivia could have had Stranger Things questions. Lil Sweet chick could have named their chicken and waffles Number Eleven. The Uber Karaoke could have had a song from season three. There were so many different tie ins that could have been done! You have a sponsor in Ruby's costumes. You couldn't get them to make a Christmas light wall and get some folks to dress up like the characters from Stranger Things for photo ops. Mets Seriously. What is wrong with your promo team?

Oh wait. I forgot about the fireworks show. It was basically a retread of all the Mets other fireworks shows and there wasn't even the Stranger Things Theme in it at all.

Mets don't even bother any more with theme nights. You guys suck at it.

@GrafixJoker did his own spin on the Mind Flayer at Citi Field.

What was on the Mets social Media....

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