Friday, July 5, 2019

If Security/Getting fans into Citi Field faster/safer(backpack theory) is a thing, how are they going to handle Seinfeld Night?

It is July 5th 2019. The Mets have enacted a backpack ban at Citi Field citing safety and to move the entry lines quicker.

From  Gothamist.

The Mets front office wouldn't comment on the record beyond forwarding a press release that reiterated the move was to enhance first of all "fan safety," and secondly a "convenient ballpark experience." Security experts, though, recommended taking with a large grain of salt any idea that backpack bombers might be stalking Flushing.
"Simply banning backpacks allows for the entry of weapons that can be hidden in a purse, briefcase, or computer case," says Walter Enders, an economist and security expert at the University of Alabama. "Size is not really an issue since two individuals with computer bags can probably carry the same type of weapon as in one regular sized backpack."
"Is it going to stop an actual plot? Well, of course not," adds Bruce Schneier, the Harvard security expert who coined the term "security theater" for measures that make people feel safer without actually protecting them. "Look up," he suggests, to see how easy it is to get pretty much anything non-metallic past security if you really have a mind to.
In fact, the Mets' own FAQ steers quickly away from any "enhanced security" claims, instead insisting that the problem with backpacks is that they have so damn many pockets that it slows down the lines:
Why backpacks? Can't a purse have just as many pockets to search, so why are you allowing that style bag? 
Backpacks have a lot of compartments and are cumbersome to inspect. While we understand that other bags could be just as large or have multiple compartments, we are able to limit the number of bags that fit that criteria by prohibiting easily identifiable bags such as backpacks. It allows us to screen guests faster and more effectively. 
Enders agrees that speeding up bag-check lines is indeed an important factor, though maybe not for the reasons one would hope: "Such congestion is dangerous since the crowd is vulnerable to an attack by those who do not have to go through any security whatsoever."
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Now here is  my question. The lines that are going to be outside of Citi Field tonight are going to be ridiculous for this Jerry Seinfeld bobble head. If the Mets are really worried about security and getting folks inside the stadium faster how do these giveaways work? Are the Mets/MLB worried about someone bringing in weapons into he ballpark? Are they worried about a bad guy doing something bad to outside of the stadium while fans are lined up? If that's the case, is the backpack ban just ridiculous? How do you create a safer environment outside of the park. Are we as fans supposed to feel safe out on line because of this ban?

Side note- I am really, really curious to see how the Mets handle this crowd tonight lining up for the Seinfeld bobble. The Mets usually just have the bobble head giveaways on Saturday/Sunday. This Friday thing is going to be interesting. No early entry for the Season Ticket holders. A really hot day. And I can just imagine the lines being worse then the Noah Syndergaard first Thor Bobblehead. Yikes.

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