Thursday, September 14, 2017

WFAN: Craig Carton Resigns

I guess this was going to happen sooner rather then later. I wonder who the permanent co host becomes.

From Boomer via CBS
Esiason admitted Thursday was a very sad day for all involved with the Boomer & Carton Show, a program that has been one of the most popular on radio for a decade.
“It’s the end of Boomer & Carton. For 10 years I sat next to somebody who I think, and I still believe this, is one of the greatest personalities, radio personalities that we’ll have ever seen,” he said. “I had certainly the privilege for 10 years to sit next to him and watch him to do his thing every single day for four hours. I wish Craig and his family nothing but the best. I want him to put all his energy into fighting and I think we have to put all of our energy into this radio program.”
 From CBS
Esiason vowed to keep the morning show going in the right direction. Since the news of Carton’s arrest and subsequent suspension, WFAN has used guests co-hosts such as Phil Simms and Brandon Tierney. Update anchor Jerry Recco filled in Wednesday and Thursday.“By resigning, I believe, he takes a lot of pressure off of all of us here at WFAN, his co-workers and everything else. I read the statement and then I heard the statement from Mark Chernoff and I don’t know what else to say. He’s got to get his life in order. He’s got to get it right,” Esiason said.

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