Saturday, September 16, 2017

Podcasts: The Jim and Justin Breakdown @JNJBREAKDOWN

 One of my buddies sent this over to me. Nelson Figueroa always has a good view on what is going on with the Mets.
On this episode of The Jim and Justin Breakdown, we hone in the New York Mets, analyzing what went wrong in 2017 and what to expect going forward. Former Mets pitcher and SNY analyst Nelson Figueroa co-hosts the show with Jim and Justin, and famous comedian and Mets fan Jim Breuer joins the show as a special guest. Baseball fans will love this episode, and for Mets fans it's a must-listen.

Hear Figgy give his take on Chris Flexen who he believes was setup to fail when Mets decided to promote him from Double-A. “I almost feel bad for him. It was too soon. He was progressing very nicely and was working with a pitching coach who is a guru in this organization.”

Hear Jim Duquette elaborate on what went wrong for the Mets this season.

“The front office underestimated the defensive side of things and how much their below average defense was going to impact their pitching this year… Their defense has really been exposed and in my opinion it’s the one of the things that has really been a disaster this season.”

To listen click here.

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