Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Mets: When Is Terry Collins Retiring?

When do you think the Mets announce that Terry Collins and Dan Warthen are "retiring"? I bet we get a press conference on Monday mid morning. The players love TC and would run through walls for him, but he has got to be one of the worst in game situational managers that I have seen manage a game. Bringing in too many relievers one day, leaving a starter in too long the next, pinch hitting for a player that was tearing the seems off the ball for someone who was "better" in that situation that might have been based loaded, or my favorite, player A is so hot he's on fire and Terry sits him because he needs a break.....

Dan Warthen. How many pitching arms has he hurt with the Warthen Slider? Are the Mets pitchers hurting just from medical/training staff? Or are they also hurting from the mechanics that Warthen has showed them?

Who's next for The Mets? Is Frank Viola finally going to get his shot in the Majors? I think he deserves it. Look what he did in Vegas with the pitchers on the Mets now. Solid pitchers that may or may not have been messed up by Warthen.

As for the successor to Terry Collins. I have no clue who's next. Ventura? Backman(not ever going to happen)? Teufel? Who is going to be available from other teams? Do the Mets want to take someone else's manager that was fired from their team? Are there any managers in the minors across the league that may be the next big thing?

Questions.... Questions.... Questions.....

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