Thursday, September 14, 2017

Mets: Harvey Frustrated

From the NY Post:

- I was slammed on set last night so I couldn't really catch the game. So, Matt Harvey is frustrated on how his career is going, eh? Maybe it's karma? Reports were coming in for years when Harvey first came up and was dominating how he couldn't wait to leave the Mets and couldn't wait to get that "big" contract elsewhere. Kind of hard to get a big contract when you haven't been healthy enough to pitch. For a while there Harvey looked to have put on a few pounds and was seen out with models at NY Rangers and Yankees games when maybe he should have been taking his career a little more seriously. Could have been less Bruce Wayne and more Batman. One of the things I heard from the latest injury(don't know how true it is) that Harvey was given the wrong shoulder rehab and that's what set his return back a bit.

Anyway you can read the whole NY Post Story here.

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