Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Mets: Guys Stop With The "Maybes"

The Mets keep trying to trot out injured pitchers to pitch and "maybe" feel better about themselves. They are also doing it to "maybe" get the fans excited about next year. Syndergaard hasn't pitched in almost five months. I won't care if he pitches any more this year or not. Why not just have him keep throwing simulated games and a relaxed throwing regimen and just save him for next season.

Matt Harvey. "Maybe" if we put him out there he can find himself. Or "maybe" the Mets are trying to have him suck so bad in games to lower his price in arbitration. Or "maybe" the Mets are trying to catch lightning in the bottle with him and have been hoping he pitched well, get arbitration done with him
and then be able to trade him.

I'm just sick of the "maybes".

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