Thursday, September 21, 2017

Mets and Season Ticket Holders

There have been a lot of folks who have posted about not wanting to renew their season tickets with the Mets. A lot of them are long time plan holders, some not so much.

A guy like Marlins Man, who I have no ill will towards by the way (I've heard good things about him and charities),saying that he isn't going to renew his seats doesn't phase me. He's not a Mets fan. He bought the tickets so he could have Playoff access and not have to pay premium dollars for it. Which is cool and I don't crap on him about that at all, but his opinion carries little weight with me.

When a STH who emailed me the other day about how he isn't renewing and doesn't renew then that is what will make me take notice. Now I'm lucky to have a great ticket rep who really does care about his people. Knew that even when the Mets were doing "well" at selling seats in 2016 that there can always be a dry spell and he wanted to make sure he has a good relationship with his clients. I know that can't be said about all the reps. Or the guys who came from Pittsburgh to take over for Ms. Castergine who did a kick ass job trying to get asses in the seats while the product on the field was horrible. These guys from Pittsburgh alienated a fan base there and now will/have alienate(d) one here. The partial/half/full plan holders mean nothing to these guys. They think that seat retention is going to be automatic and they don't have to do anything to try to make it a hard decision for the fans to give up their seats. "The team sucked this year but we have this benefits for you. We value that you guys are loyal customers and we want to make sure you know that"- words never to be spoken by the higher ups in Flushing.

The early entry lane on weekends is a great idea and finally figuring out how to make it work right makes it a good perk to having 1/2 and full season plans. Having club access is fine too. There are some other perks along the way also but nothing mind blowing. But there is so much more that can be done to make a ticket plan holder feel valued.

Another issue. Some ticket holders have complained about the secondary market being shit because the team sucks. That happens. When the team was good and in demand you could get really good money for some Series. Have to take the good with the bad. Remember the days before StubHub? Folks used to just give tickets away to people they knew because they couldn't use them. I had a good run selling my Friday night tickets for the first few months this season and then it dried up. I started giving them to friends that I knew couldn't afford games so they could enjoy themselves.

Back to my original point. Well the one I think I had when I started this post. Hey Mets guys that were hired from Pittsburgh, start treating your STHs right because this team may or may not be good for a while.

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