Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Mets: Wright Having Surgery Today

Another surgery for David Wright. This time it's his rotator cuff. Has it really been 15 months since he has been on a major league field(not pre season games or rehab games in minors)? I am too lazy to look it up but someone said that on the radio last night. How many more surgeries is Wright going to put himself through.

I admire David Wright's drive to play, that he wants to get back to the level he played at, to be the David Wright of old. With the way he is breaking down, he is more like old David Wright, which is a shame. The spinal stenosis has really messed him up and it really is a shame.

I am saying this as a fellow human being and not a baseball fan. I know he is a smart guy and will know if he can play anymore, but the one thing I'm worried about is his quality of life after baseball. Wright is still young in real life and imagine having to deal with these issues the rest of his life?

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