Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Sportscrate Review 9/6/17

Just got the new Sportscrate yesterday. This was easily the weakest one they sent out.

First of all the action figure wasn't included in this months due to redesign issues. It supposedly ships later this month. It's going to be a David Wright figure and I could easily makes some jokes about this but I won't. Fine, I will. Which appears first? The Wright action figure or David Wright onto a MLB field?

The second thing we got was a Mets Tumbler.

- This is something I can get anywhere. Why is this in the crate? This is something I can get anywhere. If not this exact item, something really similar.

The next thing in the crate was a blue NY Mets strap back '47 brand cap.

Again. I can buy this at Modell's, Citi Field, or Lids. Another non exclusive.

David Wright card. Yes this is exclusive, but so far this is the only thing.

I have one more crate coming next month and after that one, if I am not blown away by it, I'm not going to renew next season if they do it again.

This is sooooo disappointing.

Btw, I got the WWE Slamcrate in the mail yesterday also and it blew this crate away. From US title pin, Hardy's t-shirt, Roddy Piper Fleece blanket, and a Undertaker with mask figure. This is the way to do a crate.

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