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Friday, October 18, 2019

Why did the Mets not offer Edgardo Alfonzo a new contract?

I am really confused why Edgardo Alfonzo's contract wasn't renewed after winning a championship with the Brooklyn Cyclones this season. Yeah, it's a developmental league but you still need someone who can teach/develop and mold younger talent and he seemed like he was the guy to do it. So why is he gone? I't can't be about money can it? Did Fonzy want a shot at the Mets job and got mad when they didn't even give him  sniff? Did he want the bench coach job? What is really going on behind the scenes? Does BVW really want his own guys in the org? I want to see what happens with Tony D up in Syracuse. His contract is up to. Does he not get a new one? I know the Mets are now starting to get worried about bad PR and I know this isn't good PR and something in the future might also lead to some bad PR too. Keep an eye out there folks and be vigilant.

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