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Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Responses to my" Citi Field Security Staff Needs to be retrained" post from yesterday.

Here is the post from yesterday if you want to catch up. Click here. All Caught up? Cool here we go.

These are comments from facebook page.

They really need to figure out how to get folks that can be efficient and nice at the same time at the gates. These folks are getting to be a nuisance. Becca there is friendly with a lot of the security guards and if she is getting treated like this what does it say for the rest of us? Disney World has almost 10 times more visitors a day with backpacks coming into their parks than the Mets have coming into the the ballpark daily. How is it that Disney's guards deal with the public so much better? Maybe the Mets can bring in their head of training in for a seminar to train their trainer.

As for the kids with the sappy cups. I get the fact that if I was to bring in a water in a cup that mine would be tossed out, but what about these kids? They shouldn't be doing this to toddlers. I heard the whole story in person and I am so dismayed at this teams security staff on the whole.  On the other hand I have been dealing some of the nicer security guards now at the rotunda gates.It seems the Mets shifted the one with better personalities out to the main gate. The horror stories I am hearing now are the ones on the Bullpen/LF/RF gates. 

I also know some great security staff at the ballpark and I wish they could be cloned and put at the gates.

Overall this is just ridiculous.

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