Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Why aren't the Mets "that NY" team?

From the NY Post.
Here is my question: Why do we never think of the Mets as that New York team?
Brodie Van Wagenen has hiring a manager central to his short-term agenda. But the big picture undertaking does not change for his tenure. Those who have dealt regularly with the Mets general manager say he is determined to drag the Mets into the 21st century of baseball in areas such as technology.
But also financially. He wants the Mets to reach large-market behemoth status, which includes not eliciting “cue the laugh track” when the top free agents are named. Because this should not be a laughing matter. The Mets should be in the forefront for the two best free agents not just participating in this World Series, but period: Cole and Washington third baseman Anthony Rendon.
And not in the sense of that “we’re monitoring the market” drivel that translates to: “We are trying, but (wink) you know the truth.” Cole and Rendon are great. The Mets have a need for both. Plus — and this should not be understated — the Mets lack answers coming from their farm system. Cole and Rendon not only provide solutions, but more easily liberate the Mets to, for example, trade Noah Syndergaard should they land Cole or take your pick from Michael Conforto/Jeff McNeil/Brandon Nimmo to problem-solve and deepen elsewhere if Rendon relocated to Flushing. So this is not just money spent on great players and goodwill. This is money that helps the whole operation.
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Why don't we consider the Mets as NY team when they say so and so player can come to NYC? Easy. We have been conditioned to think like that. "Stupid" Wilpons won't spend money. "Broke" WIlpons can't spend money(yet they are developing 126th street and the new Belmont Islanders arena). The Mets aren't an attractive team to play for. Mets management is inept. These are all things we have learned over the years. Some might be true other might not, but that's the perception. Right now the team has 40 managerial candidates and they are supposedly in the third and final round of interviews. The Mets can't get out of their own way at times. So that is way we never think Mets as the team in NY that players will go too.


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