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Tuesday, October 1, 2019

The Mets Security Staff really needs to be retrained for 2020

I am first going to say, the last five games of the season, I didn't have a problem with security personally,
 but I do know friendswho did and also folks have mentioned it to me and my cousin on twitter.This one
 I have to say really annoys me. If you see and older person, a person with special needs, or kids, can you
 please be considerate and nice to them. WHY IS IT SO HARD TO BE NICE AT YOUR JOB? 
I get that there are some fans that are pains in the asses. I have dealt with it at the QBC myself. 
But you have to know how to be nice about it. When I did have to ask someone to leave the QBC, 
I was nice about it, gave them a refund, and even though they cursed me out, I kept being nice. 
When you are working with fans that are paying money to go somewhere or do something make 
the experience pleasant for them. You don't know what is going on with folks that are older and 
there is absolutely no reason to get short with them. If there is a problem going on, maybe turn t
the person with them and maybe they can help you out.

My friend MJ the other night had an experience again too. She is very friendly with Mets players 
and the wives/gfs and they look for her after the games by the parking lot. The barrier for the lot 
was not placed right and the guard asked everyone to move back. MJ went to bend down to get he
 bag and as she was doing that the guard put his hand  MJ nudged her  and said I told you to move back.
 She goes to him I was trying to pickup my bag so I could move back. There was no need to put your 
hands on me. It really is unreal what is going on at the stadium.

It's time for every security guard to be trained the same way. It's time for them to know what is 
and what isn't allowed in the stadium. There needs to be consistency in this staff. I was a ticket 
plan holder since Citi Field opened.After this past season I have not renewed my seats.
 I will not renew my seats. 

Mets, you guys really need to figure this out.

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