Thursday, August 1, 2019

No trades for The Mets at the trade deadline.

The Mets made their two moves on Sunday and Monday and didn't do anything on Wednesday. Stroman is a big move for a team that was supposedly a seller this year. Did they do this to get into the playoffs this year or is it a move for next season? Folks are going crazy over the fact the Mets keep giving up prospects. How many Mets prospects have lived up to their hype over the years? I have always felt if you can get a proven Major Leaguer in their prime for a prospect why not do it? You never know what the prospects are going to become.

Vargas being moved. Was that a salary dump or was it the Mets sending him to a rival team that they hope his good pitching is an aberration and he is going to blow up and cost the Phillies more wins by pitching horribly down the stretch?

Why didn't the Mets shore up the bullpen? Is it because there was no one out there? (There was. Look what Atlanta did) Or are they just gun shy with acquiring BP help now?

BTW is Diaz the new Familia? Pitches to two batters, strikes them out, then gives up a home run? What's going on inside his head?

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