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Sunday, August 4, 2019

Stroman is a rapper?

Jose Reyes just drove back to Citi Field...

From the NY Post.
The Mets’ new pitcher, 28, has a secret life as an aspiring hip-hop artist. He’s co-starred in a video for and dropped lyrics on songs by his former Duke teammate, rapper Mike Seander, who has performed as Mike Stud and now just goes by Mike.
“It’s clean, positive and aligned with his brand,” Seander, 30, told The Post of the pro athlete’s hip-hop side hustle. “Marcus always wanted to be a musician.”
Stroman, who is 5-foot-8, has even joined Seander on tour, rapping onstage in cities including Toronto and Tampa about being undersized and captivating a game-day crowd.
“When I go on tour, I bully him into performing,” Seander said. “He talks about how he gets more nervous going in front of 600 people with a microphone in his hand versus 40,000 with a baseball in his hand. The nervousness makes him feel alive.”
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