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Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Jim Breuer on The Jim and Sam Show

The first thing I want to address about this is Jim talking about having his jail broken fire stick to Jerry O’Connell. Come on Jim. You are someone in the entertainment business that makes money off of selling your specials and doing tv and movies. You do realize when folks are stealing other people’s work that you are screwing with folks livelyhood. How would you feel if someone went to the Paramount and live streamed all your shows in Facebook/twitter and then someone grabbed that stream and put it on the illegally jail broken fire stick eliminating the need for folks to come see your live act(which is hilarious btw)? You’ll have to work two to three times as hard to make the same money that you are making now. Not only that, you know that tv series you like? Well the ratings (live and DVR) aren’t being counted so if enough people torrent these shows and the ratings are low, guess what? That’s right the shows get cancelled. Also think  about all the actors who aren’t stars but get the residual checks that for the first few years can be sizable. Yes I know they eventually get to the point where it’s only cents on the dollar but come on. Help your fellow entertainers out. 

The other funny thing that I heard was you talking about fans calling you out, asking where you and your videos have been when the Mets weren’t doing so well. I think their point is when you first popped back up on the scene with the videos, you were “real” with the videos. They could see your passion. Now they feel like you are using the videos and the Mets to help sell your tickets. They do have a point. I get that you don’t have to post videos throughout the whole season to prove that you are a fan. You’ve been a fan for years who got disgusted by this team and sold your season tickets years ago. But I can definitely see where your fandom can be held in question. If you want to respond to this post you can email me at and we can set the record straight if you want.

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