Tuesday, August 6, 2019

WTF are these MLB Players Weekend Jerseys?

Nick always does a solid job scanning the news for this kind of stuff. WHAT THE HELL IS THIS NONSENSE? YOU CAN"T EVEN REALLY READ THE NAMES AND NUMBERS ON THESE JERSEYS. UGLY AS ALL HELL!!!

From Sportslogo.net

The Players’ Weekend uniform matchup for Yankees at Dodgers — August 23-25, 2019
“Inspired by players’ style choices when they are away from the field, the fashionable monochromatic uniforms allow for each custom accessory design to stand out more than ever before.”, the league said in the press release. “During Players’ Weekend, photo shoots will be conducted with players at ballparks to highlight the standout designs, which will be amplified over social media between MLB, the MLBPA, Clubs and most of all, individual player accounts using #PlayersWeekend.”
“A patch honoring [late Angels pitcher] Tyler Skaggs will also be available for all players to wear on their uniforms, if they choose.”

You can click here to see the whole article.

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