Sunday, August 11, 2019

That was a crazy Mets win last night.

I was out in centerfield with the7LineArmy and not only was our section all amped up, the whole stadium was loud and crazy. The energy was electric and the game was fun. Even after Soto took the wind out of the fans sails with that HR the fans didn’t let it get them down like it has in the past. The fans along with the team aren’t giving up the ship like they have in the past. Folks having fun and  enjoying being at the game instead of the team playing horrible ball and sucking the life out of its fans. It really does feel like it’s 2015 with the level of fan excitement.

The negative of this great run are the fans that come to the game because they are winning and have no idea how to navigate the ballpark. The concession lines are slow moving. And this time I can’t blame Aramark and it’s staff. It really is the first time fans who can’t figure out what they want on line. Guys you are on line for 25-30 mins look at the board while on line and figure out what you want.

I still can’t believe the check in redemption for Pride Night was Chick-Fil-A.

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