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Wednesday, August 14, 2019

The Polar Bear Pete Shirt you can buy vs Polar Bear Pete Mets Free Shirt Friday Shirt

Pic is From @metspolice's annual FSF design post

Here is the chain of Tweets that went back and forth last night over the Aug 23rd Free Shirt Friday design. I am putting this out there now. I do not think that the design is a copy of Joe's work. I also don't think the Mets "stole" Joe's(aka @grafixjoker) design. I could be wrong but I think Joe posted it around the first week of July. 

My opinion is someone saw what Joe did and was like that is not a bad concept. Maybe if we did this and this to change this it is different enough that it's an original idea, which is fine. I was just pointing out how coincidental it was. It could be that two different folks had the same concept. That's fine. Darren( Yes, Darren is one of my good buddies) thinks it is a different look and doesn't think it's too similar. 

Bottom Line is the design stolen? No. Are the two concepts similar? Yes. Do I get as Chris Capella says a lot of internal hoops to go through to get designs done? Yep, I know that. Were there some shenanigans? Possibly? I don't know. 

Everything is so coincidental. Though if I was a conspiracist this could be a fun rabbit hole to fall down.

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