Saturday, August 10, 2019

Breuer-Gate Update: Didn't do radio in NYC.Did radio in NY State. Cancelled a show in NJ.

I heard that he got bumped from the Chris Carlin Co-Host spot yesterday because of the Barstool Sports video backlash.

Let's go check in with Twitter.

Pretty innocuous.

That's a funny line.

Guess Jim wasn't bumped up in Rochester for his phone in.

Jim has some support.

Now let's swing over to Facebook with  Jim's latest FB video. I want to see what folks are saying to him since the last time we checked in before Breuer-Gate happened.

Yep. Still being called out by fans for being fair-weather.

This ones enjoying the Mets win.

Now I have to look at when this was cancelled. I can't find out why/when it was cancelled but if I do, I will post it.

Wait... Just found something. It seems like it was cancelled  last minute.

That's very interesting. I wonder why Jim.

Back and forth. Front-runner to being folks loving him. I wonder how this is going to keep going.

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