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Friday, August 2, 2019

@Metspolice wants you to buy this shirt to help animals

You may recall that recently Jeff McNeil adopted a dog from the North Shore Animal League.  That’s also where my dogs have come from over the years.
So here’s what you’re gonna do.    You’re going to buy a t-shirt.  After shipping and all that it will be $24.99.    I AM MAKING ZERO FROM THIS.   The money won’t even come to me.  CustomInk gets whatever their cut is and the rest of THE MONEY GOES TO NORTH SHORE ANIMAL LEAGUE. This is a wonderful confluence of being rascally and supporting a good cause.  So buy a t-shirt, support the 2019 Fake Pennant Race and  support the North Shore Animal League.
Order below, and share on Facebook.  Share the Fundraiser Page, I am not doing this for clicks.

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