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Saturday, March 23, 2019

What's Wright up to?

From the NY Post-

“I’ve made it abundantly clear that with my new role, I guess technically I’m considered front office, but I’ve also told the front office that I am very good friends with Jake and that I want it to work out for both sides because I love this organization and I love Jake, so hopefully something can come of it, but each player has to make their own individual decision,’’ Wright told The Post at First Data Field on Friday, when the Mets were hammered 15-5 by the Cardinals.
Wright wants what is best for deGrom and the Mets. That means a long-term deal for the Cy Young winner.
Wright gives general manager Brodie Van Wagenen another way to reach out to players and to understand their thoughts. It’s a smart move.
“I think the benefit that I have and I think when Brodie approached me early on about doing something like this, I was hesitant because as much as I love the game and I have so many personal relationships with the guys in that clubhouse, it was weird to me,’’ Wright told The Post. “Brodie said he would like to utilize that to our advantage, because I want to be players-first, and you having those relationships I think will help the role that I perceive with you and this team.’’
As Van Wagenen told The Post in early February about the players: “They don’t work for us,’’ he said. “We work for them, to give them every bit of effort they are giving us.’’
Wright is part of that players-first approach.
“Knowing what it’s like to play and trying to communicate that between the players and the front office, so that it really does feel like a family, I think is a benefit,’’ Wright said.
“From a player’s perspective you always want to have open lines of communication and a good relationship with the front office and I think that is something I can help portray.
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I think this is a good role for Wright. He can still have the hanging with the team, mentoring the players, and still be around the field. Hopefully he can keep folks from getting mad at management if they are given an extension.

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