Friday, March 29, 2019

Keith Hernandez all in with Brodie

Keith is a mort baseball person and very cynical too... So I don't think he'd be saying this if he wasn't feeing it.
From the NY POST
“He had to sell the Wilpons on his design and vision,” Keith Hernandez, now an analyst with SNY, said.
“He’s very inspirational. He comes up to me, talks to me and he’s very positive. I think that’s a very good thing. He made moves that were bold, daring and decisive. You have someone at the top of the organization who is willing to stick his neck out there and have it be chopped off. He’s shown me that. I like everything that he’s done in the offseason.“I was impressed with the people he brought in from the Red Sox that are in the evaluating part of the organization now,” Hernandez said. “He made changes in personnel, but made changes in that front office and I thought those were wonderful moves.
“They come from the Red Sox and their history of winning over there. Brodie took notice and went over there and got them. He’s getting good people under him and, to me, this is really a new era in Mets baseball because it’s now modern baseball.”
Hernandez, who said he has a “new lease on life” after offseason back surgery, is moving with those changes. He was once a non-believer in analytics, but says he now appreciates the value they bring to baseball.

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