Thursday, March 28, 2019

MLB Opening Day is Today


You guys ready for some baseball? I am. Only thing is that I hate that opening day is in March. It bugs me because the weather just never feels like baseball weather. It’s too chilly usually to get started on the east coast this time of year. Maybe all the east coast teams should start where there are roofs on the stadiums or the west side of the country. Anyway, this is a new season. A season of hope. A season that seems like there is a culture change. A season where the new GM has swagger and looks to have gotten the Mets owners under his spell. So far the pre season hasn’t been Mets being Mets but a team that’s trying to get itself to be taken seriously. They made some solid off season moves. They shores up the depth of the team. They signed their star pitcher to an extension and made sure that there is no ill will between him and the club along the way. 

Now it’s time Mets. Show us what you got. Make us believe wholly again so we don’t have to watch the team with our hand over our eyes and peeking through our fingers. We are ready for a great year.Let’s go Mets!

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