Tuesday, March 5, 2019

@QBConvnention aka QBC aka Queens Baseball Convention needs a new home. Any ideas?

Hey Everybody!!! Yes, I was pretending to be Doctor Nick from the Simpsons. We have finally decompressed enough after a very successful QBC and are ready to start thinking about next year’s event.

We need help. We need a new venue to hold QBC 2020. Katch has been amazing to us for the last few years and we still are looking forward to partnering with them for future things but THE QBC itself has outgrown their wonderful venue. This is why we are asking for help. We want to be able to have more people to be able to come to QBC. If you folks have any idea or know anyone with a nice sized venue to hold around at least 750 people let us know either at mediagoon@gmail.com or at qbc2016@gmail.com.

The venue doesn’t necessarily have to be in Queens. Also, before you guys say Mikkeller, McFadden’s, Citi Field, we know about all those venues already. We are looking for other alternatives.

Thanks in advance

QBC Team.

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