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Friday, March 8, 2019

SNY's Daily News Live is over. Here comes the "Thread"

In other words the Daily News doesn't want to pay anymore for their name on the show so let's own our own branding.-SNY

"('The Thread') is going to setup the (sports) news of the day and talk about it in a fun way," said Brad Como, SNY's Senior VP/Content Development. "We will also have a bit of social media influence with the best items of the day. We want this to be a fast paced, informative look at what's going on that will feature 'insiders' who specialize in different areas as well."
Como said the decision to make the change was made late in 2018. SNY's contract with the Daily News was set to expire this month. "It wasn't an easy decision to make," Como said. "We built tremendous relationships and had a tremendous run."
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Anonymous said...

The thread leaves my head spinning. Slow down the camera angles I’m still dizzy from the first segment? To much going on, slow down or bring back DNL