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Thursday, March 14, 2019

Conforto is the Mets Players rep? Oh yeah and he talks about service time.

“We want the best players on the field,” said Michael Conforto, the Mets’ union representative. “Thirty teams, everyone puts their best team out there. It doesn’t matter if it’s a guy toward the end of his career who’s earned his place in the league and has a lot to offer on the field and off the field, or if it’s a young guy who’s proven he’s supposed to be up here.
“I understand the business side of things. Teams are just being efficient. That being said, that respect [for the game] still needs to be there. The best players need to be on the field.”
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Go read the rest of the article and get back to me...First of all Conforto is the Mets union rep? He's been in the Major Leagues for about for years now. Shouldn't you have My first question is, how is Conforto the Mets players rep? Shouldn't it be someone with a little more time in to be repping the players? Isn't this where a Frazier should be? I wouldn't be happy being repped by someone who has been with around four years time in my union. Second let's got on this topic of the posturing for a strike. If the MLBPA strikes, does baseball die? It's a really good question. You guys remember the last strike? The only reason folks came back was because of the "juiced balls" and players hitting home runs with an asterisk next to their names. Your leadership of the MLBPA led you to a bad contract. You and your fellow players ratified it. Wait until the negotiations start for the next CBA before you get all ornery. That being said the best players should be on the field from the beginning for a team trying to win.

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