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Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Sell The Team!!! No not that team!

“Sell the Team!” I know you usually hear this yelled out about the Wilpons but this time it was yelled out at James Dolan. How does Dolan respond? He banned the guy from Knicks games at MSG. How can you be this thinned skin as an owner of a sports team in NYC. If someone yelling sell the team gets you riled up as the owner of the Knicks, can you imagine what goes on through the Wilpons’ minds when they hear this being yelled out at Citi Field or wherever the Wilpons might be in person. I have yet to hear about the Wilpons throwing out a fan and banning them from going to Mets games. Let me fix that. I don’t know if the Wilpons have ever done that but I can tell you that I have ever heard of that happening to someone: Jim Dolan maybe it is time for you to sell the team and go back to just playing in that atrocity you call a band. Put all that money in your pocket and just go relax somewhere. Although I can see this happening, “Get off the Stage!!!” Being yelled and Dolan turning around and having security escort the patrons out and banning them from all future performances. That would be doing that patron a favor. 

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