Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Matt Harvey “Dent” annoying teammates.

From the NY Post
And the reaction in the clubhouse to Harvey was equally unsympathetic.
“It’s just, what are you doing?” one Mets player said.Harvey pitched one inning in relief the night after his sighting in Los Angeles and allowed one run on a homer in the team’s victory over the Padres.
“I think it can be a problem if it affects a player’s or a pitcher’s preparation for work the following day or the next several days and I am not sure that was the case here,” Alderson said Tuesday. “[But] I think the other thing I have tried to keep in mind is pitching out of the bullpen is different than pitching out of the rotation and part of the preparation for that role is recognizing you can pitch any day at any time and as a result you have to be a little more conscientious about what else is going on in your life in order to be prepared on a moment’s notice to pitch.
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MG- Matt, Matt, Matt. What are you doing? You want to be a big time celeb and you could’ve been, but you let the thing  (pitching) that brought you to the dance slip away. It’s almost like you forget that you were a pitcher and not a movie star? You want the big bucks for pitching but you probably won’t get that now. Hope no one gets a bloody nose over this.

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