Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Can anyone figure out this Mets team?

I can’t figure out this Mets team for anything. They had depth when they came into the season and now the team is depleted yet again. Folks are complaining about Jay Bruce sucking. Guess they forgot how streaky he is. The Mets should have signed Pitcher A and Pitcher B. How about the vaunted pitchers we had as the “cream” of the crop actually stepped up and pitched well. And im not talking about Numbers 1 and 2. The number four Pitcher was such a pain the Mets shipped him out.

Cespedes- you knew he’d be getting hurt.

Wright- is never coming back.

Frazier- might have walked past Wright’s locker and got hit with bad juju.

Blevins- sucks so far this year because he was used a lot last season. A lot.

There is a real team in there somewhere and hopefully most of the team comes back healthy to prove it. I’m a wee bit fiesty today but I really think these guys can turn it around. If, If! They can figure out how to keep players healthy again. We really do need bubble wrap for these guys.

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