Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Orange and Blue Thing News

You guys know by know  I help out  behind the scenes on some of the tech stuff with OABT. The first show was the Darren, Brian, and myself at Darren’s house set up at his bar. It’s been almost two fulls seasons of doing the show with the guys and to see where it started from to where it is right now to where it will keep going. Brian it was a pleasure working alongside you. Good luck out there buddy.

From Brian Erni

“It’s with my sincerest gratitude that I’m announcing that, effective immediately, I’ll be leaving my hosting role on Orange and Blue Thing, and editing and writing duties at The 7 Line blog.
The show was a part of my life since December 2016, and it provided me with so many wonderful experiences. I’m proud of my involvement in its production, and I will miss sharing a piece of myself with all of you on Thursday nights. I want to thank every single person who listened, watched, or called in. The time you invested in me is time that you could have spent elsewhere, and I’m honored that you chose to let me into your life.
The blog, which was revamped in September 2017, was a great creative outlet for me, and I’m confident that the writers who remain will continue to bring you excellent news, analysis, opinions, and laughs. My thanks to Tim Fitzpatrick, Tim Reilly, Nick Giacone, and former writers Alyssa Rose and Allie Ditkowich, who all allowed me to be a part of their process and craft.
The Mets organization has been wonderful to me, as have our sponsors and partners, like New Balance, Lumberlend, CLEAR, and ZipChair, to name a few. I want to thank them for their confidence in our show and their support.
And of course, thank you to Darren Meenan, who two years ago, asked me to be a part of this. I’ve have incredible opportunities, and met wonderful people, all of which have come from being a part of The 7 Line. For that, I will be eternally grateful.
Good luck, God bless, and most importantly: Let’s go Mets!”

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