Monday, May 7, 2018

@Mets: Can you tell folks to stop using the Family Bathrooms at Citi Field if you are an Adult without kids.

My buddy just hit me up to tell me yet again Adults without kids were on line for the family bathroom at Citi Field. He had his two young kids with him (one boy/one girl) and it's hard enough wrangling one kid to be able to go to the bathroom in a stadium let alone two. This was the third game he has gone to with his kids by himself and not with his wife because he wants to enjoy time with his little ones and teach them about baseball. He told me three different times he took his kids to used the bathroom and three times there were adults by themselves waiting to use the family bathroom. My buddy's poor kid had an accident while waiting on line and that's not cool. Now he isn't the only one I have heard complaining about this. There were a couple of other families who have had the same problem and when they tell people on line its the family bathroom for families they get cursed out or ignored. Please let me hear all your rationalizing about why its okay to use them. I know you folks will have some good excuses.

Now Mets. Is there any way to police this a little better? How about putting the fan assistance number by the family bathrooms and while you are at it, how about make the number visible around the ball park. My buddy told me now that his kids are a little older and able to understand and enjoy the game but having to deal with this is making him not want to go to any games anymore if this can't be resolved. Anyone else having these problems?


Unknown said...

At met life there is an attendant at every family bathroom. What I do is step right in front with my son and wait for some one to talk smack then point to the sign that’s shows parents holding a child’s hand. #LGTothebathroom

Unknown said...

This is such a problem! Every time we have issues. It’s either a drunk guy, someone who probably has to poop and doesn’t want to go in the regular bathroom, and once a gaggle of teenage girls who apparently thought it was their private green room. It has to stop, it’s making going to the games much less enjoyable. There are attendants at every aisle, stick a couple on the bathrooms until people get the point!