Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Dole whip spotted at Citi Field?

This could be a game changer for some folks that dream about having dole whips in Disney World. I can see certain friends of mine pushing through folks to get at this. Have you guys ever had a dole whip? No? Know what it is? No? What is wrong with you?!?!?
From Wikipedia
Dole Whip (also known as Dole Soft Serve) is a soft serve pineapple-flavored ice cream created by Dole Food Company in 1986.
Dole Whip has achieved a cult following among Disney park-goers. Disneyland and Walt Disney World serve Dole Whip by itself, or with Dole pineapple juice. The latter combination is called a Dole Whip float.

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