Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Media Goon's Media Musings 5/8/18

From the NY POST

It usually takes a while for a sports franchise to learn whether it has the right person to lead its team in good times and bad; someone who can make everyone believe there’s hope when all seems hopeless.
The Mets are quickly reaching that point with manager Mickey Callaway, who is starting to sound redundant when trying to rationalize his team’s performance during a losing streak that keeps growing.
After watching the Mets drop their sixth consecutive game Sunday, a 3-2 setback by the Rockies at Citi Field, Callaway was asked what concerns him most during the slide. The first-year manager dug deep into his baseball mind and said: “Obviously, we need to score more runs.”
Callaway chuckled a bit. It was one of those uncomfortable laughs when the topic is more frustrating than funny. The Mets don’t just play nine-inning games these days; they’re enduring nine innings of disaster.
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MG- Do you think the media starts pushing him to see if they can break NEGAN Mickey Callaway? Or do you think they give him a pass for a bit more? They were kissing his ring in the spring and the first month of the season.

PJ Conlon gets the call.

Fromt the NY POST

Sunday morning, he’d been sound asleep in his hotel room in Salt Lake City, planning on sleeping in since he was scheduled to start for Las Vegas, and so he never heard his cell phone buzzing. When the landline in his room jangled, he picked it up and immediately hung it up. When it rang again, he realized he probably needed to answer it.
It was his manager, Tony DeFrancesco.
“You’re not pitching today,” he was told.
“Did someone get bumped back?” Conlon asked.
“Yes,” he was told. “Because you’re pitching in Cincinnati tomorrow.”
Thus began the greatest journey of Conlon’s young life, calling his parents, telling them they didn’t need to kill themselves to get to Cincinnati, being told they were going to Cincinnati come hell or high water, racing to catch a Southwest flight that was delayed and thus missed the connecting plane in Chicago, staying the night at an airport hotel at O’Hare, unable to sleep because he needed to be back at the airport at 3:30 for a 5 a.m. flight, jetting to Cincinnati, landing at 8 a.m., trying to sleep until noon …
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MG- I always like reading about a players call up.

 Where does Harvey end up?
A National League source said the Giants' interest was "stronger" than others after they lost Johnny Cueto for six weeks. A team source also confirmed that the Reds have expressed some interest.
But, industry sources said that the Mets cannot expect to get much in return for Harvey, who they designated for assignment on Friday after he refused a minor league assignment. They have seven days to work out a trade before he becomes a free agent.
MLB Network reported that the Texas Rangers have shown "mild trade interest" in Harvey, which is likely supported by Dan Warthen, the former Mets pitching coach who joined the Rangers as an assistant pitching coach before this season.
MG- I think he ends up in TX.

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