Thursday, May 10, 2018

You’re out of order.No. You’re out of order. No the Mets are out of order!

As a professional Major League Baseball Team, how do your players bat out of order? How? I have heard “why” and “how” it happened, but how can you let it happen? I have a new theory about it. Where is Matt Harvey? I know he is supposed to meet the Reds in LA later this week, but what if he did t. What if he snuck into the ballpark like the true villain he is? I can picture him walking into the Mets Locker Room while the Mets were taking BP and made up phony  line up card that he switched out for the real one in the dugout. I can picture him chuckling as he disappears back into the shadows. Well played Matt. Well played.

The Reds Twitter decided to mess with the Mets too.

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