Sunday, October 15, 2017

The Orville: How Awesome is this Show?

Mets news is limited these day to conjecture of who the next Mets Manager is going to be and who is interviewing next for it. I figured during this time I could do some non filler posts and talk about other things going on tv/comics/sports/etc.

Welcome to Mediagoon talk The Orville. I did not have any kind of high hopes for this show at all. To me Seth McFarlane can be very hot or miss. Ted was great. Ted 2 not so much. Certain season of the Family Guy brilliant. Most seasons meh. So you get my drift.

The Orville. This show is what CBS/Paramount should be doing with Discovery. The Orville feels like it could live right in the TNG Starfleet timeline and be the “screw ups” of the Federation. It’s all the TNG goodness but then add the “real life comedy” that would totally happen in real life.

If you haven’t seen the show, I am going to try to be as vague as possible while trying to show you how enjoyable it is. Bortus (their version of Worf) has a B line story in one of the episodes and this is how I know this show is nailing the TNG Vibe. I couldn’t stand it. I couldn’t ever stand any of the Worf B storylines whenever they were on TNG. When the main story has to do with Worf and the Klingons, I was cool with it, but otherwise meh.

The jokes aren’t as crude as Family Guy and now and then fall flat but their is a lot of heart in this show. Captain Ed Mercer (McFarlane) ends up with the Orville command due to the fact that his ex wife aka his XO Kelly Grayson pushes the Union(Federation) to give him the command because she feels bad on how the marriage ended and she still cares for him.

The space travel and visual Efex are all on par with TNG but updated for today but still look great. And the Alien/Android that they have on the ship sound just like Data, but isn’t.

If you guys like Star Trek:TNG but want something more contemporary with the jokes that real life would include in a situation like this, watch this show.

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