Monday, October 16, 2017

Mets:Manager Search Joe McEwing

This is from Bill Madden of the NY DAILY NEWS

That’s why, analytics aside, the Mets really need a manager with a personality who will instill the basics of playing the game the way it’s supposed to be played (not that Collins didn’t) and energize the fan base.McEwing, by example as an over-achieving player, would certainly seem to fill that bill. It’s just that, if Alderson does elect to go that way, instead of the safe route with a recycled manager looking for a second chance, he may have to do a selling job about the Mets instead of the other way around. 
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This article was from a few weeks ago but I would love to get either McEwing or Cora in here. I don't think Ventura is what this team needs. Chip Hale maybe. Geren? NOPE. This team needs a former player with heart that gets what it's like to play in NYC. Ventura I never felt really embraced the Mets when he played with the club, I liked him as a player and he did some good things with the team but I don't think he's "it".

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