Monday, October 23, 2017

Mets: Mickey Callaway New Manager

WHO? This is someone that came out of nowhere. Not even in the original conversation of possible candidates for Terry Collins old job. I do have to to say that the Mets really did something unexpected for a change.

From Mike Vaccaro of the NY POST
"The Mets earn a lot of derision for a lot of the things they do – fairly earned – so it is important to praise them for this: they did not fall into the oldest trap in the manual of hiring managers. They did not use familiarity as a crutch. They did not give extra credit to pre-existing relationships.
They were willing to be impressed.
And Mickey Callaway impressed them.
And this is the first thing you should know about Mickey Callaway: that’s not only how he got to Flushing, how he got to the Mets as their new field manager, but also how he was ever in position to come here in the first place. The way he clearly wowed Sandy Alderson in his interview? Terry Francona understands."
Read the whole article here.

Well good luck Mickey Callaway. I hope this is the start of a great managerial career with he NY Mets.

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