Friday, October 27, 2017

Mets: Where Does Kevin Long End Up?

In the new Negan Callaway Era of Mets Baseball where does Kevin Long fit in? I remember I told you guys that one of my friends talked to Kevin Long at Granderson’s fundraiser a few months ago and said he wasn’t coming back to the Mets. Then I was shocked that Long was getting an interview with the Mets to possibly be the next manager for them. Now it appears Long is going to be gone from the Mets again. Does he reunite with the Daniel Murphy down in D.C.? I hope not. Imagine if he tweaked the Met killer anymore? Yikes.

Are the Yankees an option?

“Long is under contract with the Mets until Tuesday, so the Yankees won’t even need to bother seeking permission from their crosstown rivals to speak with him about the opening. The Nationals were intent on starting their search for Dusty Baker’s replacement this week, making permission from the Mets to interview Long necessary.”
- From the NY Post.

I don’t think he ended on good terms with the Yankees a few years ago when he left that organization. So don’t know if that’s an option. But the merry go round of managers and coaches getting let go around the league is opening up spots all over the place.

Basically, I like Kevin Long. I would love for him to be back with the Mets as the hitting coach but not seeing that happening.
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