Monday, October 30, 2017

Mets: Irate Plan Holder Becomes Former Plan Holder

This just in from a now former plan holder of the Mets. This guy loves baseball but has had it with the Mets. He has told me he is going over to Yankees Stadium not to root for the Yankees but to watch the other teams play them. He just wants his baseball.

"I just read Yankee Stadium is 100 percent smoke free. No smoking areas at all and you will get thrown out if you smoke. My wife and I are anti smoking. I have seen enough smoking at citi field to make me not want to attend games there. Behind 107 on the side of 47 shop.

I just read the Yankee stadium has put dividers on all the urinals. Even the Bleachers and Upper Deck (Grandstand) It is disgusting that the Mets have not done this. I know it is in Delta and Excelsior, but I believe that is all. We now know that regular fans are treated like second class citizens at Citi Field.

Between the smoking, bathrooms, Wilpons not spending money, letting Murphy go, the new manager and his coddling of players, and most of all Jeff harassing Leigh Castergine, I have sent an e-mail wanting to buy a 16 game plan in Yankee Stadium in section 110/109. Padded seats, no smoking, urinal dividers. All important things. No Sandy, No Jeff,  No new coddle the players manager. Gil Hodges and Billy Martin are spinning in their graves. They have seats I like but I have asked about buying a parking plan. I did not see how I could do that.  The Mets are penny wise and dollar foolish.  Ask Justin Turner.

When the Yankees call me on Monday I am buying. Goodbye Pittsburgh guys, Jeff and Sandy. It will be easy to root against the harasser Jeff. Bothering a grown woman about a wedding ring is disgusting behavior. It will be easy to not root for a team that has a Wilpon shill Gary Cohen call Daniel Murphy a net negative. Great judge of talent Gary. Shame on you.

Joe Smith "

The boiling point with fans is starting to heat up. Let's take from this not just the examples of the letter but the overall feeling of it. THE METS OWNERS DON'T CARE ABOUT THE FANS. That is what a lot of fans have felt over the years with the Wilpons and I have seen it in varying degrees. It really isn't that hard to try to get fans to feel like you care. Take the QBC for example. We started it because the Mets unlike other MLB Teams don't have a fan fest. We seen that it was lacking for the fans and we are trying our best to give something that should be done by the team. It is the simple things that keep fans folks.

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