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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Yahoo and the Mets partner up

It’s funny that Yahoo and the Mets think that folks are going to pay money for Mets news. I had the  Athletic and it covered more sports then just the Mets and I hated it. Queens Baseball Club eh? With all the other different things the Mets and Yahoo could have to call this new thing they are putting together, they have to call it the Queens Baseball Club or QBC? Sounds familiar. Oh wait, I’m one of the guys who runs the Queens Baseball Convention or QBC. Come on Mets. We know you know about us. You’ve been sending your executives to the QBC for years.
You guys want to sponsor the Queens  Baseball Convention 2020?

It’s another shake my head moment at the Mets.
Here’s is the yahoo/Mets story.

From the NY Post

The burgeoning business will begin in Flushing with the Mets. The name of the product will be the Queens Baseball Club.
It will include three writers covering the team, while planning to give members a behind-the-scenes experience, such as access to batting practices, press conferences and front-office Q&As.
The team and Yahoo have a three-year agreement, according to sources. Yahoo declined to say how much it will pay the Mets. The Mets declined comment entirely.
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