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Sunday, February 10, 2019

Jed Lowrie and why he became a Met.

Jed Lowrie was asked about coming to the Mets. He wanted to play for his former agent. I think I have been pretty transparent that I met Brodie a few weeks ago and talking to the guy I like him. I don't get any "agent" vibes from him and I know A LOOOOOOOOT of agents.

From the NY Post
Q: What was appealing about coming to New York and playing for the Mets?

A: I think the opportunity to play for Brodie. I’ve had a long history with him [when Van Wagenen was my agent] and we’ve had a lot of baseball conversations and kind of see his vision playing our from the other side, and the moves that he made early on that kind of set the stage. That excited me and gave me the knowledge that I needed that they were serious. … I think the collection of guys that are in the clubhouse, the talent that’s in the clubhouse kind of helped me guide my decision.

   Q: What makes Brodie tick?

    A: I think he’s always looking for a challenge, and I think he is someone who is             well-organized and thoughtful about the things that he does. He has that mentality of finding a way to get better … the mentality to do that, we probably click on more than anything else … finding a way to get better.

Q: What will it be like playing on the New York stage?

             A: The opportunity to play for an organization that has such a rich history, right? You talk      about the Mets logo and colors, you’re talking about a combination of the Brooklyn Dodgers and the New York Giants. There’s such a rich history woven just in the hat. It’s exciting.

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