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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Event Venues eventually moving to all digital ticketing.....

After the discussion I had with @metspolice on twitter yesterday with the Red Bulls moving to all digital ticketing, I reached out to a buddy of mine who works in the industry. He was able to answer some of my questions....

 What happens when my phone dies in middle of game and can’t get back in?

Venues offer charging cords and if you can prove your ticket once your phone is up - we’ll write you a ticket at Guest Services. Other places , it will be printed and you don’t have to worry but if it dies before you enter, you’ll need proof of purchase and a photo ID and we’ll re- print. Some have relationships with stub hub and can verify your third party purchase but you may be S.O.L if you purchase third party and your phone dies otherwise. I’ve never met a box office that won’t offer to charge your phone so you can verify your ticket though and then they can write you a slip.

What if phone drops cracks and breaks? 

IIf you purchase through the team or Ticketmaster- you’re fine- box office can look up your purchase But if they were transferred or third party then we call the box office and see the seats. We’ll call the seat holder and try to confirm who they transferred to.

What about folks that can’t afford smart phones? Older folks with the jitterbug phone?

They are trying to phase those out. Personally for us, if they go to box office - we can print them (but not third party ) those folks will have to have it somehow up on their phone. I get how people see this as a problem but in my 2 years at a fully digital ticket spot like the XXXXXXXXX - I have had not one issue with someone getting in. Most have people with them and we text the ticket to that phone.

Thanks to my buddy for giving me some insight to this. I still don't think it's the greatest idea in the world to go all digital.I can see my phone dying on me during a game and the usher being annoying about it, then I have to waste time to go to the guest services or box office and miss part of the game. Just like I have used an all cashless system at a venue. It should have sped up the process but it slowed it down.

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