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Wednesday, February 13, 2019

@Metspolice,Main Stream Media, Mets and deGrom

From the NY POST

Now this is a bluff The Post would love to see called.

If Jacob deGrom doesn’t get his desired long-term extension by his Opening Day deadline, would he actually take the Nationals Park mound on March 28, clock six shutout innings while throwing 62 pitches and then, when asked about pitching the seventh, borrow an old Herman Melville line and declare, “I would prefer not to”?
Very likely not, as this exaggerates the sort of measures deGrom’s current head agent, Jeff Berry of CAA, proposed in an industry memo last year. Yet by throwing down the gauntlet in their discussions with the Mets, whose general manager, Brodie Van Wagenen, just happens to be deGrom’s former head agent, deGrom and company have rolled a hand grenade into this upbeat Mets spring just as pitchers and catchers reported.
And the sobering reality is that neither the Mets nor Van Wagenen has earned the right to call such bluffs. They should buy high on deGrom, advance these slow-moving discussions and give him the five-year, $155.5 million extension The Post’s Joel Sherman outlined in November and hope that commitment puts them in a position to be bolder the next time.
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It's funny that the Main Stream Media is catching up on this after @metspolice has been pointing this out.


Speaking to The Athletic's Ken Rosenthal, CAA agent Brodie van Wagenen said he and his client had "discussed Jacob’s future with the Mets at length. 
"Jacob has expressed interest in exploring a long-term partnership that would keep him in a Mets uniform for years to come.- USA TODAY
“If the Mets don’t share same interest, we believe their best course of action is to seriously consider trade opportunities now. The inertia of current situation could complicate Jacob’s relationship with the club and creates an atmosphere of indecision." 
That’s Agent Brodie Van Wagenen talking about his client Jacob deGrom last summer.  That was a few months after accusing the owners of collusion and a few months after threatening a lockout.  But you newspaper guys can keep writing sunshine articles, it’s fine, I got this.
Today’s story is that JDG would like an extension.  I will be curious to see what the General Manager does.

Shannon makes a great point now. Does Chief Brodie change up his stance since he's the GM now? Does he still believe that there is collusion in the MLB among owners? Here's a better question that a conspiracy minded person could ask, " Did Brodie get the Mets GM job to get him to stop mentioning the collusion word?" I am not saying that this is the reason but that a person who is a conspiracy buff could ask this.

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